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Bear ACL Implant

We are always searching for ways to heal you with the safest and least invasive treatments.

The BEAR ACL Implant is the first medical advancement to enable your body to heal its own torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).That’s a big deal, because until now your ACL would have been replaced with either another tendon from your body or a tendon from a deceased donor.

The BEAR Implant is different because it works with your own blood to heal the torn ends of your ACL back together. ACL tears are often treated with surgery called ACL reconstruction. During ACL reconstruction, an orthopedic surgeon removes your torn ACL and replaces it with a graft from another part of your leg (called an autograft) or a deceased donor (called an allograft). Although ACL reconstruction is effective, the procedure has drawbacks; many people are unable to return to the same level of daily activities or sports.

With the Bear ACL Implant only small arthroscopic incisions are created for rapid healing. Native ACL tissue is preserved and your own ACL with its complex structure is restored.
Bear ACL Implant process
Bear ACL Implant process
Bear ACL Implant process
Bear ACL Implant process
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