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  • Seven tips for exercising safely during a heatwave

    When summer temperatures soar, the idea of working out might be the furthest thing from your mind. But just because it's hot doesn't mean you can't still squeeze a workout in if you want to, though there are a few adjustments you may need to make to your normal routine.

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  • Platelet Rich Plasma: Everything You Need To Know

    Imagine having the ability to improve your body’s recovery time from an injury, be it a chronic case of tendinopathy (any tendon condition that causes pain and swelling) or post-surgery inflammation. With platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, it’s possible.

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  • Weekend warrior' exercise still lowers risk of premature death, says new research

    We're all told time and again just how important it is to exercise for good health. But with our busy schedules, finding the time to work out is often easier said than done. For many of us, the weekend is the only time we can get to the gym or go for a run.

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  • Preventing Overuse Injuries

    Although safety precautions are indispensable, there's more to staying injury-free than avoiding flying projectiles and cushioning your falls. Athletes often overlook measures that can protect them from problems like sore knees and sprained ankles. There's no sure way to take the pain out of sports, but the following advice can definitely help you stay in the game.

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