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The Power of FAT
Did you know that fat contains reparative cells. On the walls of small blood vessels called capillaries reparative cells lie asleep waiting to be used to heal injuries.
Experience the difference
Award-winning technology for orthopedics
Best in class FDA cleared option
If more conservative treatment options have failed to improve your condition, then Lipogems might be a solution for you. 

Patients of all ages suffer from orthopaedic issues including athletes (including elite), weekend warriors, busy working professionals, elderly patients and more. When patients experience injuries or orthopaedic issues that cause them discomfort, the first line of treatment is typically conservative interventions like physical therapy, corticosteroids and viscosupplementation. Unfortunately, when these options are no longer effective or the patient is not ready for major, invasive surgery, they suffer from debilitating pain, reduced quality of life, and significant financial burden. Lipogems is a best in class FDA cleared option for patients that are between conservative therapy and are not ready for major invasive surgery.
The Treatment Gap
Many patients live with pain for many years to avoid major invasive surgery. 
They would prefer living with the pain rather than having metal or plastic put into their bodies.

We say that these patients live in the treatment gap. 

This is the place where conservative treatment has failed and patients refuse more invasive treatments.

About the Lipogem treatment
Dr. Elbaz is able to use your own fatty tissues to cushion and support areas of injury or damage as your body heals itself. When utilized in orthopedic medicine lipogems technology supports a healing environment to help in the:
repair, replacement, reconstruction, and support of damaged or injured tissue.
Who is a candidate for Lipogems
Why use your own powerful fat for your orthopedic issues?
The amazing power of fat:
Fat is a versatile tissue that plays essential roles in the way our body functions, but one of the most remarkable is the role of fat in how we heal. Many studies over many decades have been conducting exploring the healing potential of fat.
• Many studies have concluded that fat is beneficial to injured tissue
• research has shown that as a person age they're fat maintains it's reparative properties unlike other tissues such as blood or bone marrow.
• Highest quality tissue: your own fat has the best quality tissue. Fat has 100 to 500 times more reparative cells than other similar tissues in the body. • Using your own tissue has a minimal risk of rejection or infection.

Lipogems: Minimally Invasive Procedure


• High Standard of Care from a Trusted Orthopaedic Physician using an FDA-Cleared System
• Versatile: Minimally Invasive Procedure in the Office or Surgical Setting: Less than an hour for the procedure
• Economic: May be Used in Multiple Treatment Sites In the Same Setting • Minimal Recovery Times
• Minimal Risk of Rejection or Infection: Autologous tissue • High Quality Tissue: Microfragmented Fat™ meets the FDA guidelines for minimal manipulation
• One Time Procedure for Majority of Patients • Cost: Cheaper than or equal to the in-network cost for major orthopaedic surgery

Will I be Receiving my own cells or will they come from another person?
Your own fat cells are the ebst cells. Your own fat will have less likelihood for rejection
Are there reasons that you may not be a candidate for Lipogems?
You may not be a candidate for Lipogems if:
You currently have a systemic infection
• You suffer from an autoimmune disease
• You currently are taking blood thinners or anti-coagulation medication
• You are being treated for any other malignancy or blood borne disease
• You have an allergy to Lidocaine
• You are currently breastfeeding or plan to begin breastfeeding in the near future
• You have undergone previous abdominal surgery
• You have a hermatologic condition
How many procedures have been performed?
More than 30,000 Lipoegems procedures have been performed worldwide, and your physician can speak with you about the possible outcomes associated with this procedure. Dr. Elbaz has performed over 1000 procedures using Lipogems.
What is the recovery/downtime?
The recovery process varies for each patient. Your doctor will determine the best treatment option for you. Your doctor will help determine what activities you can perform and put you on an appropriate treatment plan. Patients should not engage in strenuous activity for at least 1-2 weeks following the procedure.
Is this covered by insurance?
Similar to most new technologies, the Lipogems procedure is not covered by insurance at this time. Please speak to your doctor about using your flexible spending account.
What you may expect after the procedure.
• Your physician will apply an absorbent dressing pad and compression tape or wrap to the area and may recommend a compression garment or bandage to wear 24-48 hours following the procedure.
• There may be some drainage from the harvesting site, which typically ceases within 24 hours
• You should follow your physician's recommendations for post-operative medications
• Do not over-exert yourself, let your tissue start its repair process!
• Slowly return to physical activity as recommended by your doctor
Are there risks of possible complications from the Lipogems Procedure?
Mild to moderate swelling or soreness at injection site may occur, depending on the location of the treatment site. See disclaimer below for additional information
Additional Information
Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Not all patients will have the same post-procedure recovery and activity level. Make an appointment with Dr Elbaz to discuss your potential benefits and risks.
The Lipogems System is a sterile medical device intended for the closed-loop processing of your own fat tissue in medical procedures involving the harvesting, concentrating and transferring of your own fat (adipose) tissue harvested with a legally marketed lipoplasty system. This can be a minimally invasive procedure that’s done in the office, to support soft tissue defects and may promote healing in orthopaedics and arthroscopic surgery. Lipogems may or may not appropriate for all patients.

Like any medical procedure, there is a risk for soreness, redness, swelling, and/or pain. These procedures require needle access (size, location and depth vary depending on the procedure) and this may result in (but not limited to), discomfort, pain, apprehension, bruising, tenderness, bleeding, swelling, or infiltration at the injection site. Other symptoms that may occur include lightheadedness, fainting, nausea, or vomiting. There is slight risk of infection at the injection site and have minimal risk of adverse reactions or complications as with any other injection procedure. Since the fat is from your own body there is little concern of disease transmission, allergic reaction or tissue rejection. For patients with chronic medical conditions such as autoimmune, diabetes, heart or lung disease, circulatory diseases or obesity, extreme caution may be necessary.

There are rare but possible risks and complications due to fat transfer including an allergic reaction to the local anesthetic, damage to underlying structures, hematoma or seroma (an accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin that may require removal), changes in sensation, unsatisfactory results that may necessitate additional procedures, permanent discoloration caused by a ruptured blood vessel at the treatment site, calcification, a divet in the area of the tissue harvest, peri-operative bleeding, a blood clot at the treatment or donor site, an infection, scar tissue, and a fat embolism caused by a fat injection mistakenly directed into a blood vessel, and death.

The information presented is for educational purposes only. Speak with Dr. Elbaz to decide if Lipogems procedure is appropriate for you. Individual results vary and not all patients will return to the same activity level. The lifetime of any procedure is limited and depends on several factors like patient weight and activity level. Your doctor will counsel you about strategies for your post-procedural care. It is important to closely follow your physician’s instructions regarding post-procedure activity, treatment and follow-up care. Ask your doctor if Lipogems procedure is right for you.

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